TellApe offers an integral approach to reusable transport items.

Transporting is done more and more with reusable transport items, also known as ‘’multi-use’’, load carriers, RTI or packaging. This provides efficiency in transport, distribution and/or storage of the main primary product. Despite the importance from an operational perspective and the implied benefits, load carriers are often taken for granted. Research shows however that there are considerable potential savings to be found if companies would devote the appropriate amount of (management) attention. Therefore, an integral approach to transport items is needed.

In this White Paper we have set up a framework for the analysis of reusable load carriers. The 6 internal aspects are compared with 6 external factors. This integral approach gives management more insight into the risks areas.


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About TellApe

TellApe is the number one packaging administration and registration app. Through the online portal and the mobile application, which can be used on Android devices, insights are offered into the packaging data of a company. This includes, for example, the different types of packaging, packaging balances, locations and costs. A big advantage of this is that it is easy and fast to create a complete overview of the stock, outstanding and incoming packaging.

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