Stop losing your load carriers

TellApe creates real-time load carrier overviews. It manages stocks and locations on your online portal and gives a clear view of your costs.

Your load carrier overview is always and anywhere available

The online portal of TellApe immediately shows your current stock, with outgoing and incoming load carriers.


Simplify the load carrier administration for drivers, loading and offloading employees.

Your drivers, loading and offloading employees enter which load carrier transactions have taken place during each loading / unloading moment. Each transaction can be duly signed by the receiving party for approval. The app is organized, clear and fast!


Broban crate


EU pallet


CBL 17




Small container


CHEP block


All your load carriers in one clear overview

Check out the different real-time load carriers balances on your online portal. On overview of the stock, outgoing and incoming packaging.


Do you want to start immediately to get a clear overview of your load carriers?

We help you to get back on track!

We offer the tool, you give us the information. TellApe can help you solve even the most difficult load carrier situations. knowledge is the key to success!

Our team
Packaging always visible

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