Non-stop packaging registration and real-time overview

The online portal of TellApe shows a real-time overview of current stock, outstanding and incoming packaging. Direct real-time insight into your packaging fleet. Whether it concerns fish boxes, meat trays, bread crates, pallets or flower trolleys. TellApe can keep track of any type of packaging for you. All data is generated by the drivers and warehouse staff: so by the employees who actually carry out the transaction. This ensures timely and correct transactional data, which are  forwarded and stored immediately. With the online portal of TellApe you can then keep track of it and adjust it if necessary.

The online portal is incredibly easy to use and provides transparency on where, how much and what your  packaging is. TellApe enables a unique collaboration between driver, warehouse employee and administration. The app and the portal ensure that there is a clear and well-organized online packaging administration. Switching from your current packaging administration system to TellApe is straightforward and Tellape can even run alongside your current packaging, trolley or collie administration. Of course, it is also possible to link TellApe to more extensively reusable transport items.

Packaging always visible

Real-time administration and overview

The online portal updates itself real-time and gives a very clear picture of the situation at any time. The packaging receipts are no longer lost or illegible. The administration staff also don’t have to wait for the information about the transported goods and packaging on international journeys. TellApe provides the packaging standard so that every employee has the same information.

With the portal the transactions are clear: TellApe shows all balances by  location. You can easily manage the locations, organizations, transporters and packaging types in the portal. Adding or changing these data can be arranged in the portal.

With TellApe you are in direct contact with the driver and onloading / offloading employee and there are no more ambiguities concerning packaging. The overview and real-time insight of TellApe reduces time for everyone involved and enables more efficient use of packaging!

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