Non-stop packaging registration and realtime overview

The online portal of TellApe shows an realtime overview of the current stock, outgoing and incoming packing. If it is about fish-, meat-, bread-creates, pallets or flower trollies, TellApe can register every single one of them. All data for the app is generated by the drivers. So it is almost impossible to receive wrong data. All transactions are made, send and saved realtime. With the online portal of TellApe, you can track, customize and view these transactions. The online portal is very easy to use and clearly shows your packaging situation immediately.

The unique cooperation between driver and administration, app and portal ensures a clear online packaging administration. It’s easy to switch to from your current packaging system to TellApe. TellApe can even run completely next to your current casks / trolley / collies or packaging administration. Of course, it is also possible to connect TellApe to more extensive packaging software.

Always in contact with your emballage

The online portal and TellApe dashboard

The online portal adapts real-time and gives a clear view on the situation at any moment. Drivers don’t have to call in to register their packing or handing in their vouchers, any longer . The administration staff can register the packaging during international journeys instead of after the transport.
With the online portal, the transactions are transparent. But the portal also shows the different balances at several locations. In addition, you manage all the locations and details of packaging in the portal. TellApe is equipped with an number of packaging items that are displayed by default. However, if you want to rename them, you can change the name in both the portal and the app. From the portal you can add, change, or reset drivers.
With TellApe you are in direct contact with the driver and there are no longer any unclearness about packaging. The driver can do his job, just like you. The realtime overview of TellApe brings everyone peace, time and efficiency.

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