Easy and accurate Packaging registration for drivers

The packaging app has been developed to make load carrier administration quick and simple. Tested for and by drivers. During the entire research and development phase, one thing has been central: TellApe must be user-friendly. Everyone should be able to use the app, irrespective of technical skill, educational background, or experience. We have tried different versions with drivers to find out what works and what doesn’t? We also tried different methods to count, display and name the packaging. The driver doesn’t have to fill unnecessary questions or enter superfluous data. After all, we want the driver to appreciate the app and its interface. This will ensure (data) accuracy, completeness and efficacy.

The driver can easily search his delivery location using GPS or, if  no GPS connection is available at the time of loading/offloading, search the app for the right locations. After selecting the location, he can immediately enter the packaging which is loaded or offloaded, such as carts, pallets, bread crates, fish boxes, meat trays or glass stillages.. Upon transfer of the packaging, he can have his transaction duly signed with the recipient. This “sign-off” ensures less discussion and proper registration.

Android Phone with TellApe app

Quick and simple registration for the loading / offloading employee

After TellApe was operational for the driver, we carried out a separate survey for the loading/offloading employee. A dedicated research team focused on this workflow. With the relative users, we looked at the information a loading / offloading employee must process and what (order)flow is the most convenient and sensible. Again, the application was designed to ensure that all (type of) employees can use the app. Upon transfer of the packaging, the loading /offloading assistant enters the relevant carrier performing the transport. If the licence plate of the truck is known, this can also be added in the app to make the registration moment even more visible and conclusive.

It is easy to register the origin or destination of the packaging and for whom the transport order is executed (the principal customer). Is the transporter responsible for the packaging? That too can be easily registered in the web portal. Entering the transporter for the trolleys, boxes, racks,  crates and other packaging is simple and fast. The transfer of the packaging can be acknowledged by the loading /offloading employee. The agreement on the transaction ensures less discussion and proper registration. Start today with TellApe and experience how easy packaging administration can be!

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