Simplify packaging registration for your drivers

Your drivers navigate through the packaging app immediately after loading / unloading and add the packaging transactions that’s occurred. The app is clear, easy and fast. Tested by and for drivers! During the entire research- and development phases, our main goal was to make TellApe an user-friendly app. We tested several different versions with some test-drives to explore. We experimented with many different methods of counting, displaying and naming packaging.
When TellApe was only an idea it was already clear that the app would only register packaging transactions. We thought it was important that the driver shouldn’t fill in a complete question path. Too many details could be possibly confuse him, all the unimportant details must be deleted. We want the driver to be satisfied by using the app. Using something with pleasure is in our dictionary, the equivalent to accurate work activities! Precise work activities are fundamental of both the app as the online portal. The key is the data that is filled in!


Tested by and for drivers!

The drivers that were part of the pilot group helped us tremendously by constantly giving us feedback. With their help it has become a coherent, attractive and fresh packaging app. The driver will be guided through the workflow and will enter the right data at the designated places. The most positive feedback that the drivers gave us is: ‘by using TellApe, I feel responsible for the packaging I am transporting’. The driver is confident because he documents all the transport handlings. He feels responsible for the packaging in his car. The direct communication with the office also ensures that no frustrations or misunderstandings can arise. In short, the driver feels free to do his job, which he is proud of.

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