All your packaging in one clear overview

Check your different realtime packaging balances in the online portal. Using your own parameters, you will immediately understand the situation, because of the red, orange or green mark. The online portal of TellApe shows the packaging transactions, the locations and balances imported by the driver. The online portal counts immediately the data and balances, so it’s always up to date. Do you want to know exactly where your fish-, bread-crates, pallets, bins or egg racks are? TellApe gives you the proper information in a second.
The online portal of TellApe can be set up to your own preferences. For example, you can enter what you expect from your inventory in your warehouse and customer balances in different periods of the year. Around Mother’s Day, Ascension, or Christmas, you might want to reset your parameters accordingly. Enter the parameters you need and compare the expected and current state directly. If the total is not correct, the balances turn red. If the situation is not completely correct, the balances will turn orange. If the situation is exactly as desired, the balances will turn green. In short, you just have to look at the colors to know what the situation is!

Always in contact with your emballage

Up-to-date data and logistics

You can use the data from the online portal for other purposes. The online portal provides clear data and you can communicate easily with the customer about the balances. The loading/ unloading address is always informed about the packaging transactions. The customer can sign the transaction and receives an email with the transaction receipt. The online portal can be used as a starting point for a conversation about packaging with the customer. With TellApe you never have any discussion about the packaging and transactions.
In the online portal it is easy to add and maintain locations. There are several search functions in the portal, so you do not have to search long before you have the right information. From what we‘ve heard from our test phase, the portal is easy to work with.
The TellApe portal contains all the features to create a perfect overview. Using the different colour codes, you can instantly see where things go wrong, where packaging loses or communication with the customer has to be adapted. If you know where the packaging transactions fails, you know where you can reduce costs. In short, TellApe shows the pain so you can act quickly!

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