All your packaging in one clear overview

Whether you are a driver or loading/offloading employee, with the TellApe app you have control of all your packaging flows. The app has been developed together with users, this has resulted in a quick and simple app that can be used by everyone. Every moment that packaging is received or handed over, you simply register it with a few clicks in the app. After handover, subsequent agreement and sign-off, this information is displayed real-time in the web portal. No internet connection? A queue is built up with transactions and automatic mails. As soon as the device has reconnected, all transactions and packaging mails are sent.

View the various company balances on the online portal and immediately get an up-to-date situation on your packaging. On the web portal, you can see one overview of your stock, incoming and outgoing packaging . Easy insight into your carts, pallets, bread crates, fish boxes, meat trays or egg trays. TellApe creates a lot of awareness, both for the TellApe user(s) as for the customer(s) of the TellApe user(s). Read more about awareness in the case of Vermeulen & Den Otter. They have lost fewer bread crates and have more packaging insight!


Packaging always visible

The web portal gives you the insight you want!

There is clear data and this can be shared directly and easily with the customer. In the web portal you can manage who is balance responsible: TellApe immediately makes the correct packaging booking. In case of incorrect information, administrative bookings can be made in the portal to correct your packaging balance.

Working in the portal is straightforward and has many functions that make your packaging administration easy and efficient. Say goodbye to the old-fashioned and unclear Excel file! The app and portal automatically creates your overview.

With the export button you can easily print out packaging transactions and all balances with your customers. Do you want to share these overviews with your customer? You can select a number of filters yourself, so that you get the right information. The customer also gains insight to packaging balances, which drives awareness. This, in turn,  increases and improves attention with respect to their packaging. In short, packaging administration is simplified!

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