TellApe has been developed to make load carrier administration fast, efficient and cost effective. TellApe is the multi-use packaging software that helps companies with the registration and administration of their RTI’s. The idea of TellApe is that it is easy to use, works fast, can be used efficiently in the workplace and is cost effective. In this blog we will dive deeper into the mentioned advantages, so that you can have an overview of the benefits of TellApe.

TellApe is fast

TellApe is fast from the get-go, starting with the online demo! We can easily explain and show you how the app and portal work during an online demo at any time of the day. In just one working day, we can set up the administration for the customer and have it ready for use. The app has also been developed in such a way, that each transfer of packaging can be entered quickly. Both the loading and unloading employee and the driver can register the transfer within a few clicks. In many cases this is faster than working with a packaging receipt that you need to pick up, fill out and get signed off somewhere else.

At the time of sending, the transaction is directly visible in the online portal and the customer can receive the digital packaging by email. The employee on the floor is quickly ready and immediately has a signed packaging receipt digitally. The administration can directly check the transactions and balances.

TellApe is efficient

The app and portal have been developed by users and for users, resulting in a user-friendly solution. The app and portal are clear and provide the desired information in one glance. Working with the app ensures your employees the least possible delay during work. During loading and unloading or the intake and issuance of RTI’s, simply count the load carriers and register them in the app. Also you can have your transaction signed directly in the app for a two-way agreement! The other party can be immediately informed of the delivery and the packaging receipt is sent.

Because everything is registered digitally and the transaction ends up in the portal in real time, you will never have a discussion afterwards. If the numbers are not correct, you can contact the driver or the customer directly. The online portal offers you direct insight into the balances with your customers. This allows you to organize your load carrier management efficiently and save money.

TellApe is cost effective

TellApe is cost effective because you can register the transaction immediately at the time of the transfer. A simple check can be applied to TellApe’s balances and transactions. For example, you can easily use TellApe to check the sales orders and credit notes against the transactions and balances.

Are the load carriers added to the invoice and do you receive a credit note when the RTI’s are returned? With TellApe you can easily perform a cross check to ensure the financial administration is correct. Sometimes, it happens that a credit note is not sent or the load carriers are charged twice. Especially if you do not have a load carrier administration, this will go unnoticed. If you have a load carrier registration, you can immediately correct the mistake and save money!

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