Tconsult has years of experience in the logistic market as consultant, problem solver and app developer. The company regularly visits clients to help them with all types of packaging problems. Tconsult has made a packaging guide to cluster the names of packaging and load carriers, you can read more about the TellApe founding story below. In short, we have a passion for packaging!

Passion leads often to action. In this case, Ernst Tjaden started early 2017 his second company, TellApe. TellApe is an application made for the driver to register all packaging transactions directly. In the online portal shows all transaction registrations from the app. At a later stage, we develop the app functions for the loading and unloading locations.

You maybe wonder, what a weird name? Well if you spell TellApe backwords, you get epallet and you can read this as E-pallet, an online pallet!

In addition, the app acts as an assistant monkey that counts all packaging. ‘’Counting’’ monkey – TellApe.

Origins of the plan

The plan to make a packaging application started years ago. Because Ernst was busy with his other company, the development of TellApe had to wait. In 2015 the first brainstorms and product definitions started. With the entrepreneurial network, Ernst connected with the company Online Department. Online Department is an user experience design agency with creative people in favour of lean and independent working.

Convinced of the idea, Online Department offered its help to give direction to the business plan, make a lean canvas and a strategy for the development process. Milvum joined; a company specialized in building apps.

These three parties have designed a roadmap and started the development immediately. Since the start we interviewed future users, did several tests with the software, discussed the progress and made plans to realize the launch.  At the end of July 2017 the first version of TellApe was launched and we started with a pilot group. The pilot user learned to use the application and the online portal. Adjustments have been made, functions added and the result was the TellApe 1.0 version!

TellApe 1.0 is the version that is also ready for you!


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