The Idea

Creating a new app is quite a process. It starts with an idea, plan, followed by the elaboration, construction process and starts with the test phase. In 2014 the idea derived to build a packaging app that offers a structured overview of packaging data. Ernst Tjaden, founder of Tconsult, saw this as the ultimate solution for the consulting issues he was dealing with.

After the packaging app-idea was fully elaborated, the construction process began with our technical partners. That went smoothly and fast, we were able to keep track of the progress of a weekly basis. Fascinating to see how an idea develops in something real! In the summer of 2017 we reached a crucial moment, we had an app, a MVP, the version 0.0!  It was a real success and we almost immediately started with a pilot group for a couple of weeks.

In the pilot, two different aspects were tested, the application and the online portal. TellApe was tested by the driver and the administration. After five weeks, we received the feedback from the pilot users, they were very positive!

Brewery Breugem

Brewery Breugem isn’t a fake name, with a Belgium sound, but simply the name of the man behind the beer. Patrick brews his own beer in historic Zaandijk. Located near the Zaanse Schans, the favorite  destination of more than two million tourist a year. Patrick brews his beer with passion, this passion is unprecedented, preferably he likes to tap his own beer during various festivals. The Breugem beers are filled in their own bottling line in both bottles and casks. Barrels are delivered to various pubs and restaurants in North Holland. The increase of delivery addresses results in the fact that the cracks are more difficult to register and check, so Breugem was looking for a solution.

Patrick Breugem consulted by TellApe after online search. He started with great enthusiasm; he suspected that he had found the solution for his load carrier problem. The brewery tested the TellApe app during his delivery rounds in North Holland. That worked well! Patrick could easily find his way in the app and simply log in to the portal. The generated packaging data was structured, clear and neatly displayed. Patrick told us after a week testing; ‘this is exactly what I was looking for, I get my casks under control again!’

In a later stage, Patrick would like to print the receipts of the transactions, the signature function and the PDF files from all sort of transactions. Meanwhile, TellApe is updated. It is possible to add the signature in the recipient. The recipient automatically receives an email with the transaction and his signature in PDF after closing the app.


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