In our previous blogs, we discussed the potential risks that companies run into regarding load carriers and the importance of registering packaging. Specifically registering loose units can provide you with even more benefits and insights. In this blog, we’ll highlight the advantages of TellApe’s item specific registering functionality.

In which cases do you register individual items?

Imagine that your company is already very active in registering packaging transactions, every movement of packaging is recorded. You have an overview of all load carrier balances that you maintain with customers and suppliers. However, this is not enough for you. You want even more information, so that you can make analyzes and predictions based on your data. For this you need insight into how long an item has been in your client’s possession on average and how often you can issue an RTI (Returnable Transport Items) before it breaks. If you want to obtain these insights, then registering specific item is definitely something for you!

It’s also possible that you don’t have any information about your packaging transactions and flows. You want the data, but you don’t want obtaining it to be too time consuming. You would like to know which specific item is present at the customer’s location, so that you can eventually ask your customer for this unit to be returned. Packaging and load carriers represent a large capital within your company and the depreciation of 1 item can immediately be contribute to the losses on the balance sheet.

Advantages of unit specific registration

  • You know how often a single item is issued and returned
  • You can calculate the lifespan of one item on the long term
  • Insights are offered into which item belongs to which customer
  • Insights are offered into which route the packaging travels, for example an item is issued to customer A and returned via customer C.
  • You can see how long a specific item has been on the road

What can you do with your data?

With all the data that a single item generates, you do analyzations and further optimize your processes. How nice would it be to be able to determine what the lifespan of a transport item will be in advance, so that you can purchase new RTI’s on time? If you know that load carriers will soon be retired, you can find a supplier of new items beforehand. You can close the best deal because you have time to negotiate and request different offers.

You can also see how long a certain customer has your RTI’s in their possession. If this customer holds on to the item longer than other customers, you can see why this is. Does the customer use your transport items as storage racks or does he use your RTIs for transport to his other customers? This is no longer a mystery and can be discussed. You have all the data and have an overview of signed transactions in the app, making it easier to have the conversation.

In short, there are many different benefits of registering specific items. Do you want to test this yourself or would you like to know how TellApe works? We are happy to show you all the options.

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