Packaging management is the entire process of registering packaging, keeping a correct packaging administration, getting insight into the packaging and the costs of packaging. Packaging management is not top of mind at many companies, but is very important for good business management. This multi-use packaging, also known as load carriers or RTI’s (Returnable Transport Items), often represents large monetary values within the company. Most people in the company aren’t aware of the high value of load carriers. Logistic load carriers are covered by the heading of stocks that also include raw materials, auxiliary materials, semi-finished products, products in process and finished product or end product. Most inventories increase in value as they progress in the production process. The value of packaging often decreases because of the frequent use and subsequent wear and tear. Worse yet: if often gets lost, damaged or breaks.

Logistic load carriers

The use of logistic load carriers such as (roll) containers, crates, carts, trays or pallets is essential in the logistics chain for transport and storage and is an unavoidable expense. With TellApe, users can easily register all movements concerning such logistic load carriers. TellApe displays all the LLC in a comprehensive overview, giving quick and easy insight at a glance. After each (packaging) transaction, an email can automatically be sent to the receiver (of the goods and packaging). This ensures transparency and alignment: because the counterpart is informed immediately, there are no discussions or objections in afterwards.

For both the TellApe user and the counterpart of the TellApe user, there is immediate insight into the number of times that packaging transactions take place and which items enter and exit the company. With the information from TellApe you can easily take the next step towards a comprehensive management of logistic load carriers.

Questions to ask for process optimization

LLC management comprises of the registration, administration and  optimization of (multiple) load carriers. If the LLC registration and administration are well organized, you can focus on the (continuous) improvement of your RTI processes. The following questions, among others, are central to gain insight  and optimize this process:

  • How much value does each LLC or RTI represent?
  • Where (either in the own workplace or elsewhere) are the LLC / RTI stored?
  • Can anyone access these items and can this storage point be locked?
  • Is someone responsible for these LLC / RTIs and are they present to check whether the right goods and packaging are included?
  • Are LLC / RTI stored efficiently?
  • Are the LLC / RTI procured or sourced efficiently?

Before tackling, resolving and arranging the above points, it is critical to have the registration and administration in order. The entire process must be mapped out correctly. If registration does not cover both incoming and outgoing movements, or if certain flows are not considered, the overview is incomplete and obviously flawed.

Do you recognize the above situation, but have difficulty to determine the best course of action? The TellApe team consists of experts on these topics. We’re ready to give you tools, advice and training to help your company with the registration and administration of LLC / RTIs!


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