Geesinknorba is an international waste management company, specializing in sustainability. Since the end of 2019, they have been working with the TellApe app in their Dutch warehouse in Emmeloord, a solution intended to simplify the tracking of packaging and prevent the loss of returnable transport items. In the following case, Sjoert Bakker, Team Leader Warehouse at Geesinknorba, will explain how they experience the use of the TellApe app and what the impact of this was on the problem they were facing.

What is TellApe?

TellApe is the number one packaging administration and registration app. The software is easy to use and has various functionalities with which real-time overviews can be offered. At the front end, drivers or load-unloading employees can enter information about RTI’s during transactions and transfers. This data can then be viewed and processed by administrators at the back end by logging into the web app. Through the online portal and the mobile application, which can be used on Android devices, insights are offered into the packaging data of a company. This includes, for example, the different types of packaging, packaging balances, locations and costs.

A big advantage of this is that it is easy and fast to create a complete overview of the stock, outstanding and incoming packaging. Costs are immediately visible and, with the new scanning functionality, specific packaging items can be registered. In this way, it is clear how often a single item has been issued and also when it must be removed from rotation. With the TellApe solution, companies are helped with the optimization of their packaging flows and packaging losses are prevented. Due to the versatility of the application and the possibility of adding your own packaging types, a wide range of companies can be helped.

How did Geesinknorba come into contact with TellApe?

“We had been looking for something that we could use to keep track of and record our packaging for a while now. We had already tried something in Excel and Access, but that just didn’t work for us. In addition, we had also searched for solutions at packaging fairs and logistics fairs, but here we also could not find what we were looking for. In the end, we did a deep dive into Google and that’s how we found TellApe, among other things. The other parties were somewhat larger, where the packaging registration was part of a complete package. That was a little too much for us. This was exactly what we were looking for.”

What was the problem you were dealing with?

“We had a problem with managing our packaging, we noticed we were  constantly buying new items. After that, we didn’t really know what was happening to them because we had no idea what our actual assets were. And this was not only the case with us, it was also the case with our suppliers. We were under the impression that things were happening with our packaging, things that our RTI’s weren’t actually meant for. But we unfortunately couldn’t prove this, because we didn’t have a clear list of our packaging assets and what the balances were.

What we also encountered was that, when our suppliers needed packaging, we often found out at the very last minute. We then had to get everything together and prepare it at the last minute, which took us quite some time. Now we’re always prepared. We can see what the balances are with our suppliers and when we see that that number is approaching zero, we ensure that everything is ready when they come by again.”

Was this a concern for the company?

“Concern might be a strong word. Luckily, we noticed the issue on time and the problem wasn’t that huge that this was a major concern for us. However, because we kept losing packaging, time and money were lost and that is of course not ideal. I would much prefer to use this time and money for useful things.”

How did TellApe help solve this problem?

“With TellApe, we now have a clear overview of our packaging and that was the most important thing for us. We know which assets are in the hands of our suppliers and we also know when we have to stock up again. Additionally, we can see what we owe them back, and much more. What I find particularly striking is that, since the introduction of the TellApe solution, I always have enough packaging and load carriers on hand. In the past I would have to scrape to get everything together, now that’s no longer necessary.”

What do you personally enjoy the most about TellApe as users?

“We really appreciate the overview that TellApe offers us at Geesinknorba, you always know where you stand as a company. As a result, the app helps you save valuable time and money. There is no more frustration about where the goods go and there are no more unwanted surprises with suppliers. It sometimes happened that they, for example, would claim they still needed to receive an X amount of pallets or something in that direction. Thanks to TellApe, that doesn’t happen anymore.

Besides the benefits it has for us at Geesinknorba, we also found the technology behind the TellApe solution very good. The app is particularly detailed, yet still easy to use. We were all thinking, we should have had this 10 years earlier! ”

For whom are the benefits most noticeable?

“Like I mentioned before, it has a ton of benefits. And that is not only noticeable within our company, my suppliers benefit from the solution as well. They now almost never have to ask for packaging or load carriers again. They always get what they need on time, I would definitely recommend it to everyone.”

How can TellApe help your company or industry?

The app’s multifunctionality makes it possible for different companies from various branches to use the solution. TellApe makes it possible to add any kind of packaging to the portal, even company-specific packaging. Flower carriers, Broban crates, pallets, beer kegs, reusable boxes, Danish carts, plant trays, Dolav bins, containers, fish boxes, folding crates, trolleys, dolly’s and much more can be registered using TellApe. As a result, TellApe is not only meant for companies like Geesinknorba, but also bakers, brewers, florists and many more.

As stated, both drivers and load-unloading employees can use the packaging app. This is due to the fact that the application has two workflows and an overarching online portal. During each issuance or collection of RTI’s, your drivers and warehouse workers record which packaging transactions have taken place. This way, every transfer is registered and the receiving party can even confirm the transaction digitally by signing it in the app. The administration can then view and manage all packaging transactions in the well-arranged portal. The app is user-friendly, structured, fast and offers personal insights that are indispensable for your company!


Are you curious how TellApe can optimize your processes, do you want to start using our solution like Geesinknorba or do you have another question about our services? Feel free to contact us, TellApe is always happy to help. 

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