The Idea

Creating a new app is quite a process. It starts with an idea, plan, followed by elaboration, construction process and starts with the test phase. In 2014 the idea derived to build a load carrier app. Owner Ernst Tjaden is the consultancy company Tconsult saw this as the ultimate solution for the consulting issues he was dealing with.

After the idea was fully elaborated, the construction process with our technical partners. That went smoothly and fast, we were able to keep track of the progress of a weekly basis. Fascinating to see how an idea develops into something real! In the summer of 2017 it was finally time, we had an app, an MVP, the version 0.0! It was a real success and we almost immediately started a pilot group for a couple of weeks.

In the pilot, two different aspects were tested, the application and the online portal. TellApe was tested by the driver and the administration. After five weeks, we received the feedback from the pilot users, they were very positive!

Supermove and packaging

Supermove is a moving company that’s specialized in private moving. Every loading and unloading address is a new location for us which must be completely ‘’ empty’’ after the move. We need to take awayour moving boxes (packaging). Supermove has various locations across the Netherlands. We use twelve different packaging. When moving they use moving boxes, wardrobe boxes, roll containers, meter boxes, moving blankets, paint suitcases, trolly’s, computer boxes and several more packaging. With a team of experienced movers, we help every customer to move within the Netherlands or abroad. Because the focus is on customer need, the focus on packaging isn’t optimal. This means that we often lose packaging and therefore often buy new packaging.

Supermove did the pilot of TellApe. With the support of TellApe it was immediately clear where our packaging was. Bas Verboom or Supermove; ‘we like to add some comments in the app. Boxes are made of cardboard and often get damaged during the moving’s. I would like to add a comment and put it on a separate account. ‘


Thank you for your feedback Bas! We will put it in the roadmap!


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