RTI's for fresh produce

RTI’s and packaging for fruit, vegetables and food is of great importance within the fresh produce sector. It does not only protect the produced goods during transportation, but throughout the entire process from producer to consumer. Even though these transport items are very important, companies aren’t always aware of this. Did you know that an average company often pays too much for its packaging costs? There are varying reasons for this, but the bottom line is often that there aren’t enough insights into these packaging flows.

Within the fresh produce sector, the costs for stackable fruit and vegetable crates, reusable boxes, folding crates, dollies and other load carriers often make up a large share of the total operating costs. This is because a deposit is paid per item and these items must then be returned. However, problems arise because they are constantly being transferred and handed off. Additionally, there is no clear record of who has which type of packaging and where these items are. Companies then end up losing this packaging and have to pay for the costs.


How to use TellApe

Our TellApe solution doesn’t only provide insights into these costs. The app also provides a complete overview of the numbers, locations and users of the packaging. Via two workflows and an online portal for administrators, the app provides a complete summary of your company’s RTI and packaging data. The application is multifunctional, easy to use and predictive in nature. With the data that TellApe generates, you can make analyzations and predictions. This information helps strengthen your company and increase liquidity.

About TellApe
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In collaboration with AGF, the industry’s leading medium for the fruit and vegetable sector, we hope to offer our services to more and more companies, so that we can grow together. On the one hand, we hope to create awareness for the packaging problem and, on the other, we also offer the solution.


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We are always open to a discussion about packaging and RTI’s at your company and are also willing to offer personalised advice and solutions where necessary. Would you like to read more about the packaging flows within the fruit and vegetable sector or about RTIs for fruit and vegetables? Then read one of our blogs on AGF.nl or view our other cases!

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