TellApe for the flower and plant industry

Did you know that the average company often pays too much for its packaging? The reasons for this vary, but it’s often due to the fact that there is little to no insight into the packaging flows. Within the flower and plant sector, the costs for buckets, flower containers, Danish trolleys, plant trays and other load carriers often represent a large share of the total operating costs. This is because companies pay a deposit per item and these items must then be returned. However, because they change hands so often and there is no clear record of who has which packaging where, companies lose this packaging and then have to pay for the costs.

Our TellApe solution not only ensures that these costs become clear, but also offers a complete overview of the amounts, locations and users of the packaging. With two workflows and an online portal for administrators, the app provides a complete summary of the data about your company’s packaging. The application is multifunctional, easy to use and predictive in nature. With the data that TellApe generates, analyzes and prognoses can be made that lead to a stronger, more liquid company.

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